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We are a full service computer installation and repair company that also specializes in audio/visual services. We are able to take care of all technology-related tasks for your home or home office including your entire home computer network. Our technicians do all work at your home at a time that is convenient for you, including evenings and weekends.

Just some of our services include:
• Home computer repair services (computer troubleshooting)
• Data/crash recovery
• Malware, spyware and virus removal
• Operating system upgrades (Windows 7 and Mac)
• Cabling, networking and wireless setup and configuration
• Installations, computer setups, training and instruction
• High speed internet, DSL, cable, fiber
• Home server and multiple computer/device networking
• Internet security protection and firewalls
• Data transfer, backup and system recovery
• Preventive PC maintenance and optimization
• Home theater setup and A/V configuration
• Printer setup and repair
• Local and cloud data backup
• Multimedia device setup (Sonos, iPhones, iPads, iPods, smartphones, game consoles, Slingbox, media servers, legacy devices)

Data Recovery / Disaster Recovery


Lost files to virus attacks, user errors, software errors, hardware failures or some other natural disaster do happen, and Santa Cruz Digital Solutions can come to your rescue. We’ve been retrieving computer data for years, and there is little that we cannot retrieve.

Most lost or corrupted data is retrievable, and if you’ve been told it’s not, give us a call. If you are a business, we can set up a free, onsite consultation to evaluate your IT environment and make recommendations that will prevent you from ever having data loss again.

Ask us about cloud backup solutions. We can back your data up in the cloud so viruses, errors, corruption and natural disasters don’t affect your files ever again.
Is your data safe?


Remote support services are available to those who have an active Internet connection. Services that normally can be solved via remote assistance include: virus diagnosis, general diagnosis, printing issues, e-mail related issues, Outlook related issues, Internet browser issues, software updating and many more.  Even if your internet is blocked by fake anti virus infections Santa Cruz Digital Solutions can, in most cases, get you temporarily on the internet so we can connect and rid your computer of all the bugs.  So any laptop or desktop with a broadband connection will suffice. For fixed price of $40.00/hr.

The benefits of a remote connection are many:
• no packing up the desktop/laptop and transporting it to a shop.
• no-one visiting the premises and inconveniencing you.
• more cost effective (lower charge per hour for you and fuel costs for us)
• we can agree on a price as scan time for viruses isn’t onsite time

We can rectify all sorts of problems remotely including:
• viruses, malware & spyware removal
• slow computer problems
• software issues
• email problems
• printer problems

We can also:
• optimize Windows
• install and configure programs
• secure your network or computer
• update Windows with service packs and patches
• update your drivers

The remote software we use includes full encryption, based on RSA private/public key exchange and AES(256 Bit) session encoding.  This technology is based on the same standards as HTTPS/SSL and is considered completely safe by today’s standards. See how it works below:

• we agree that the problem can be fixed remotely
• you pay up front for one hour(min. charge) through Paypal(no Paypal account required) using a debit/credit card
• an appointment time is agreed and booked
• we call you and instruct you on the use of the remote client to be used
• we connect and fix the problem(s)
• we send you an invoice/receipt(any extra cost is added and billed for in additional 1/2 hour increments)

Should we be unable to fix the problem remotely(i.e. a re-install is required) we will call to collect the computer to fix it in our workshop or attend and fix onsite.  Extra work is chargeable at current hourly rate.  Should it not be practical to visit because of distance a full refund will be initiated.

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On-Site “Computer Tune-up” for only $69.00

The Cure for Most Computer Problems!

Computer problems can be so frustrating! Don’t toss it out, beef it up with a professional overhaul by Santa Cruz Digital Solutions! Much like an automobile, your computer will become slower and start to have problems if it is not ‘tuned’ regularly. With over 20 years of experience, the techs at Santa Cruz Digital Solutions can teach your old computer some new tricks.

As a limited time introduction we are offering one of our most popular services. Our “On-Site Computer Tune-up” for only $69.00. We guarantee that you will see a remarkable difference in how your computer performs or you simply don’t pay. Mac or Microsoft Windows, desktop or laptop this service is most likely all you need to get your system running faster that it has in years. We will enhance your computer’s performance, and make sure you’re fully protected from security threats and viruses. While we’re at it, we’ll provide recommendations for how to make the most of the hardware and software investments you’ve made.

Let us professionally tune-up your system for peak performance and security!

Our “On-Site Computer Tune-up” will:

Stop excessive disk thrashing
Speed up overall system performance
Slim back unnecessary start-up applications from stealing precious ram
Review system error logs to indicate possible future problems
Review and correct security settings
Clear hidden temp and junk files
Scan for hard disk errors
Scan for malware/trojans
Check fans and heat sinks for proper ventilation
Check for and correct disk and directory errors
Overall System evaluation
Ensure you have enough disk space for your future usage
Teach you how to maintain your own PC

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